Unusually ‘quiet’ on Twitter, Trump’s secret trip to Iraq was revealed

Unusually 'quiet' on Twitter, Trump's secret trip to Iraq was revealed 0

Unusually ‘quiet’ on Twitter, Trump’s secret trip to Iraq was revealed

US President Trump in Iraq on December 26.

After Trump continuously posted more than three dozen tweets in four days, his social networking site was unusually quiet on the evening of December 25.

This is not the first time there have been rumors that Trump flew to a war zone.

Previous administrations have taken extreme measures to keep such trips secret, fearing security risks if they were made public.

However, the days of secret flights seem to be coming to an end.

The flight watcher community believes Trump took off from Base Andrews on Christmas Eve.

Trump himself also complicated efforts to keep it secret.

`No, I’m going to a war zone,` Trump told reporters last month when asked if he was afraid of making such a trip.

According to a White House official, the Trump administration has been planning the trip for more than six weeks.

Trump then described the security measures Air Force One took when landing in a war zone: `All the plane windows were closed, the lights were off, it was pitch black.`

For weeks, journalists covering the White House have been restless over the possibility of Trump secretly going to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Despite much speculation, the specifics of the Iraq trip remain confidential.

US presidential planners have been trying to prevent information leaks for years.

The White House and the US Embassy in this country tried to `block` information, denying that Obama was in Afghanistan.

BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith, who shared the rumor, even agreed to post the White House’s rebuttal on Twitter.

`Like most news organizations, we generally comply with the White House’s request because of the real security risks,` he explained after everything was announced.

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