President Trump faces the most `stormy` days of his term

President Trump faces the most `stormy` days of his term 0

President Trump faces the most `stormy` days of his term

(Dan Tri) – While facing many criticisms for the Covid-19 pandemic, which has so far killed more than 100,000 Americans and caused the economy to plummet, President Trump suffered a `shock`.

President Donald Trump at the White House on May 29.

“Americans watching tonight’s address have witnessed recent images of violence on our streets and riots in our communities.

The above statement was made by Mr. Donald Trump, but not in May 2020 but in July 2016, when he agreed to become the Republican presidential candidate at the party’s national convention.

During the first three years of his term, Mr. Trump, the first president in US history to be elected without any military or political experience, was lucky and overcame the crisis.

Even President Trump’s harshest critics cannot blame him for the virus believed to have originated in a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, or for the collapse of the economy or

But this time, they can blame the current US president for the way he turned an already bad situation even worse.

Critics say President Trump is not well prepared for this moment.

According to commentator David Smith of the Guardian news agency, America is still waiting in vain for a speech that helps heal wounds, work towards a common goal and acknowledge the pain passed down through generations of Americans.

Americans wait for a speech to heal the country

President Trump faces the most `stormy` days of his term

Protesters gathered outside the White House on the night of May 31.

On May 31, in many cities across the United States, people witnessed broken glass, burned cars, bruised bodies and destroyed buildings.

Meanwhile, President Trump is still in the White House and has no official speech, other than posts with an angry tone on Twitter, making protesters even more dissatisfied.

Never in President Trump’s 1,227 days in office has America needed his leadership voice like this past weekend.

The Washington Post quoted a senior official in the US government as saying that President Trump and some of his advisers may calculate that he should not speak to the people at this time because in fact, he also

President Trump has let his Twitter posts speak for him.

In President Trump’s political circle, advisors also offered conflicting views on how the White House boss should show leadership after the George Floyd incident put America in disarray.

President Trump faces the most `stormy` days of his term

Police sprayed pepper spray to disperse protesters in Washington (Photo: Reuters)

Some members of Mr. Trump’s re-election team, and some White House staff, are still urging the president to give a speech in the Oval Office.

According to a senior official in the US administration, President Trump is expected to arrange meetings this week with law enforcement officials, black leaders and relevant parties.

“We want to talk about law and order, how to heal the relationship between the police force and the African American community, specific policies we can implement, and expose parts of

When asked if President Trump planned to address the nation, National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien told CNN that Trump had made `very convincing comments` about the death

During a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on May 30, President Trump said that Floyd’s death was a `tragedy` that should not have happened.

“He’s trying to stop the violence that we saw last night and send a strong message that we want law and order in this country,” Security Advisor



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